Camille has a vast amount of experience photographing children and babies in studio and location. After assisting some of the best Australian and International photographers at the beginning of her career, she gained invaluable technical know-how, confidence and experience any artist would give an arm and a leg for.

She prides herself on capturing that little person within, with her honest, fresh take on children’s photography. Her work showcases an understanding of Children’s perspectives and demonstrates her ability to connect with her subjects.

Camille has worked with well-known brands including Tutu du Monde, eeni meeni miini moh® Baobab, Broken Tricycle, Lil Lendrop, CWB London, e3-M®, Tourism Australia, Screen Australia, Telstra, Vodafone, QBE, Foxtel, Babyology Haveli, Big Steps Little Feet, Little Gelato Denim, and LG.

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